Domain Task Forces

The CTSA Consortium, in response to the IOM report and the subsequent NCATS Advisory Council Working Group (ACWG), has restructured its organizational, operational and communication structure to be more strategic and project driven, rather than committee driven. The goals of this new structure are to efficiently execute on the ACWG recommendations. The requirements for the structure are:

  • Provide NCATS and the Division of Clinical Innovation with input from all stakeholders to set direction and priorities for CTSA projects
  • Focus on short and long term needs with the goal to enable translational science and to advance translational research
  • Provide a structure where high priority issues (that relate to ACWG and CTSA goals) can be studied
  • Support an inclusive and transparent process where all Hubs can participate and have access to information
  • Foster communication and collaboration at all levels
  • Define discrete objectives, timelines and deliverables for every activity

The cornerstone of the new structure is 5 Domain Task forces (DTFs) aligned with the 4 Strategic goals defined by the ACWG plus one based on NCATS and NIH priorities.