Regulatory Knowledge - Research Subject Advocacy

Parent Committee: Regulatory Knowledge Key Function Committee

As part of efforts by the new NCATS CTSA Steering Committee to emphasize focused project activity and streamline the consortium, the CTSA committees were closed effective February 17, 2014. All information related to those committees and their operations has been archived on the respective committee pages. Please direct any committee-related inquiries to

The Research Subject Advocacy Taskforce was charged with defining the mission, scope, and model for research advocacy within the CTSA consortium.

Research Subject Advocacy Best Practices (CCSC approved)

There are no committee announcements at this time.


Rhonda G. Kost (Rockefeller)

NIH Coordinator(s)

No information to display for this committee.

Alexander, Steven (Stanford)
Purucker, Mary (NCATS)
Andersen, Burton (Illinois)
Rape, Marie (UNC)
Anderson, Susan (Yale)
Reider, Carson (Ohio State)
Cagliero, Enrico (Harvard)
Robins, Lisa (Vanderbilt)
Collier, Elaine (NCATS)
Rubinstein, Eric (Rochester)
Davie, Lu (Vanderbilt)
Saltzman, Andrea (Harvard)
Denton, Jo (Kansas)
Sawczuk, Andrea (NCATS)
Hammack, Barbara (Denver)
Schuff, Kathryn (OHSU)
Kolb, H. Robert (Florida)
Toback, F. Gary (Chicago)
Kost, Rhonda (Rockefeller)
Vittone, Sarah (Georgetown)
Martinez, Elizabeth (Johns Hopkins)
Voss, Lisa (UCSF)
Melnyk, Halia (NYU)
Watts, Amanda (South Carolina)
Needler, Nancy (Rochester)
Wilkinson, Kathleen (U Texas Southwestern at Dallas)
Otado, Jane (Georgetown)
Yasko, Laurel (Pittsburgh)
Powell, Kathleen (Birmingham)

Meeting Documents

Feb 27, 2013Sep 27, 2012Dec 15, 2011
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