CTSA-USCIITG Critical Care Interest Group

The US Critical Illness and Injury Trials (USCIIT) Group

The United States Critical Illness and Injury Trials (USCIIT) Group created clinical research infrastructure to reduce the barriers to investigation for the critical illness and injury community in the United States.

The USCIIT Group has four aims:

  • Establish an inclusive, nationwide network of experts to review published data, vet hypotheses, write clinical protocols, and generate pilot data that facilitate implementation of large clinical trials
  • Promote interactions and synergy across established programs, both academic and non-academic, to improve the robustness of clinical trials and test hypotheses in a US population
  • Provide a venue to discuss education and training in the science of clinical trial design, conduct, analysis, and reporting for critically ill or injured patients
  • Insure patient protection and privacy by addressing the ethical, legal, and social implications (ELSI) of research in the specialized circumstance of critical illness or injury

NIH Contact(s)

Member List

Ali, Naeem (Ohio State)
Lowe, Henry (Stanford)
Angus, Derek (Pittsburgh)
Mizgerd, Joseph (Boston U)
Bernard, Gordon (Vanderbilt)
Murphy, Charles (Duke)
Bondar, Galyna (UCLA)
Nudo, Randy (Kansas)
Chait, Julia (UCLA)
Palmieri, Tina (UC Davis)
Cobb, J. Perren (Harvard)
Patterson, Andrew (Stanford)
Corkey, Barbara (Boston U)
Pearl, Ronald (Stanford)
Dean, Mike (Utah)
Pierce, Janet (Kansas)
Deng, Mario (UCLA)
Quinn, Jim (Stanford)
Gong, Michelle (Einstein)
Remick, Daniel (Boston U)
Higgins, Patricia (Case Western)
Staudenmayer, Kristan (Stanford)
Ieong, Michael (Boston U)
Summer, Ross (Boston U)
Jackson, Lisa (Arkansas)
Walkey, Allan (Boston U)
Jacono, Frank (Case Western)
Wiener, Renda (Boston U)
Keane, Kellie (Harvard)
Winkelman, Chris (Case Western)
Kupperman, Nathan (UC Davis)
Yealy, Donald (Pittsburgh)
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