Community Engagement Key Function Committee

The predominant mission of the Community Engagement Key Function Committee is to implement a successful broad plan of community and practice engagement among the CTSA sites by sharing knowledge, expertise and resources. The goal of the CTSA Community Engagement Key Function Committee is to effectively engage communities and practices in the translational research process via bidirectional dialogues. The main areas of focus include: community and practice outreach, access and dissemination of the translational research process via bidirectional dialogues. The specific milestones of the committee include developing a community engagement needs assessment; generating a project registrar with the input of the NIH and other federal agencies, and community practices agencies and members; establishing partnerships for funding collaborative development of curricula and evaluation outcomes as well as metrics for community engaged research.

Learning Objectives for Community Engaged Research (CEnR)

Click here to review Core Competenices 1-5

NCATS Welcomes Advisory Council and CAN Board Members

On behalf of the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS), I am pleased to announce our Advisory Council and Cures Acceleration Network (CAN) Review Board members.

Both of these NCATS Advisory Groups will meet formally for the first time on Friday, September 14, 2012, from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on the NIH Campus in Bethesda, Md. I invite you to join us then via videocast at Agendas for the meetings soon will be available on the NCATS website Advisory Council page and the CAN Review Board page.

Thank you for your ongoing interest in and support of NCATS!

Committee Announcements

Exciting News about Dr. Milton Eder

In 2006, Health and Medicine Policy Research Group (HMPRG) established the HMPRG Awards to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the organization’s founding.  The purpose was to recognize leaders and change makers in the areas such as Health, Medicine, Policy, and Research; along with a Group Award presented to an organization for its focus on the determinants of health and its impact beyond the scope of its programs. In 2009, to seed the next generation of public health heroes, we added two new award categories – the Emerging Health Leader and the Young Health Activist, to give recognition to a young health professional thirty and under, and a high schooler age 15-18, committed to social justice, advocacy and activism.

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Eder, Director of Research at Access Community Health has been named the co- recipient of the 2012 HMPRG Research Award. (This year there are two recipients; the other is Dr. Lisa Razzano of UIC.) The Awards Committee had a very difficult job selecting the 2012 winners from the applications submitted for consideration.  Dr. Eder is being honored for his cumulative body of work, his current work in translational research and his commitment to making research understandable to the people and communities it is intended to serve.

Upcoming Meetings     All Times In Eastern Time

Community Engagement Key Function Committee
October 26, 2012: 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Community Engagement Key Function Committee
November 23, 2012: 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Community Engagement Key Function Committee
December 28, 2012: 12:00pm - 1:00pm


Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola (UC Davis)
Lloyd Michener (Duke)
Al Norman Richmond (UNC)

Project Manager(s)

NIH Coordinator(s)

PI Liaison(s)
Philip Greenland (Northwestern)
Kelly Kelleher (Ohio State)


Community Engagement - Administrative Supplements Taskforce
Community Engagement - Community Partners Integration Workgroup
Community Engagement - Education, Scholarship and Engagement Workgroup
Community Engagement - Health Policy Workgroup
Community Engagement - Operations Group
Community Engagement - Outcomes of Community Engagement Workgroup
Community Engagement - PBRN Collaboration Workgroup
Community Engagement - Resource Development Workgroup

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  • CORUS (previously CTSA2Community), a platform for finding and sharing tools for community engaged research (CEnR), aims to strengthen the activities of community engaged research programs and their partners by building a robust database of best practices.


Meeting Frequency

The Community Engagement KFC meets every 4th Friday of the month from 12-1 p.m. EDT via web conference.

Abraido-Lanza, Ana* (Columbia)
Leslie, Laurel* (Tufts)
Ackermann, Ronald* (Northwestern)
Leung, Carolyn (Tufts)
Adams, William (Boston U)
Lewis, Rashonda (Vanderbilt)
Adelman, Alan (PSU)
Lichtenstein, Michael (U Texas at San Antonio)
Aguilar-Gaxiola, Sergio* (UC Davis)
Lightfoot, Alexandra (UNC)
Ahmed, Syed* (MCWisc)
Liu, Jing (U Michigan)
Alexander, Duane* (NICHD)
Lopert, Ruth (CNMC)
Allen, Shauntice (Birmingham)
Lore, Anna (Duke)
Anastasi, Joyce (NYU)
Lyketsos, Constantine (Johns Hopkins)
Anderson, Roger (PSU)
Lyn, Michelle (Duke)
Andrews, Jeannette* (South Carolina)
Lyons, Susan (Birmingham)
Andrus, Noelle (Rochester)
Mai, Barbara* (NIDA)
Argenbright, Keith (U Texas Southwestern at Dallas)
Marantz, Paul (Einstein)
Ariza, Adolfo (Northwestern)
Marden, Susan (NCRR)
Arnold, Joan (Cornell)
Markus, Anne (CNMC)
Aromaa, Susan (OHSU)
Marrero, David (Indiana)
Atchison, Christopher (Iowa)
Marsiske, Michael (Florida)
Ayanian, John (Harvard)
McClinton-Brown, Rhonda (Stanford)
Baker, Sara (PSU)
McCloskey, Donna Jo* (NINR)
Balch, Charles (Johns Hopkins)
McClure, Sheila (NCRR)
Baldwin, Laura-Mae (UWashington)
McCray, Alexa (Harvard)
Balls-Berry, Joyce (Mayo)
McDonnell, Karen (CNMC)
Barrath, Debra (UCLA)
McDonough, John (Harvard)
Bates, Nancy (Illinois)
McGrew, Martha (UNMHSC)
Bates, Joseph (Arkansas)
McHale, Susan (PSU)
Battaglia, Tracy* (Boston U)
McKeever, Corliss (OHSU)
Bell, Lee (U Michigan)
Mendias, Elnora "Nonie" (U Texas Medical Branch at Galveston)
Bennett, Nancy* (Rochester)
Merriam, Philip (UMMS)
Bhasin, Charlotte (Case Western)
Merrill, Chaya (CNMC)
Bias, Marcia (Arkansas)
Mervin-Blake, Sabrena (Duke)
Binns, Helen (Northwestern)
Meurer, John (MCWisc)
Blumenthal, Daniel* (Emory)
Meyers, David* (AHRQ)
Bonner, Joseph (Rockefeller)
Michael, Max* (Birmingham)
Boone, Leslie (Vanderbilt)
Michener, Lloyd* (Duke)
Borawski, Elaine (Case Western)
Mikels-Carrasco, Waldo (Indiana)
Borg, Amy (UMMS)
Miller, Elizabeth (Pittsburgh)
Boushey, Carol (Indiana)
Miller, Douglas* (Indiana)
Bowen, Deborah (Boston U)
Miller, Doriane (Chicago)
Bradley, Bobbi (UW-Madison)
Mishra, Shiraz (UNMHSC)
Brady, Kathleen (South Carolina)
mitchell, leif (Yale)
Brandenburg, Terry (MCWisc)
Mitchell, Monica* (Cincinnati)
Brenner, Barbara (Mount Sinai)
Montori, Victor (Mayo)
Brindis, Claire (UCSF)
Motsinger, Brenda (UNC)
Briones, Marisa (UCLA)
Muegge, Carolyn (Indiana)
Brown, Arleen (UCLA)
Murdock, Erin (Washington U)
Brugge, Doug (Tufts)
Murrietta, Ambroshia (UNMHSC)
Burge, Sandra (U Texas at San Antonio)
Nelson, Andrew (UMN)
Burnet, Deborah* (Chicago)
Nelson, David (MCWisc)
Bush, Esther (Pittsburgh)
Nemeth, Lynne (South Carolina)
Butts, Gary (Mount Sinai)
Neville, Ruby (SAMSHA)
Cain, Katrice (Case Western)
Nokes, Kathy (Cornell)
Calhoon, Claudia (NYU)
Norris, Keith* (UCLA)
Calhoun, Karen (U Michigan)
Nowjack-Raymer, Ruth* (NIDCR)
Callahan, Leigh (UNC)
O'Connor, Patrick (Yale)
Callier, Shawneequa (CNMC)
Obrams, Iris* (NCATS)
Campion, Daniel (Outcome Sciences Inc.)
Ockene, Ira* (UMMS)
Carey, Timothy (UNC)
Odell, Jere (Indiana)
Carrasquillo, Olveen (Miami)
Olster, Deborah (OBSSR)
Carrington, Kelli (OD)
Opel, Shannon (MCWisc)
Cashman, Suzanne (UMMS)
Outman, Ryan (Birmingham)
Caughman, Cindy (NCRR)
Pace, Wilson (Denver)
Chambers, David (NIMH)
Parchman, Michael (AHRQ)
Chestnut, Cynthia (Florida)
Parker, Edith* (Iowa)
Chyun, Deborah (NYU)
Pauker, Stephen (Tufts)
Clinton, Barbara (Vanderbilt)
Payne, Perry (CNMC)
Cohn, Terry (UW-Madison)
Pearce, Kevin (Kentucky)
Conwit, Robin* (NINDS)
Perez-Escamilla, Rafael (Yale)
Corbie-Smith, Giselle* (UNC)
Petronella, Sharon* (U Texas Medical Branch at Galveston)
Corea, Blanca (UCLA)
Petryshyn, Raymond (NCI)
Coronado, Nora (UWashington)
Philis-Tsimikas, Athena* (Scripps)
Cottler, Linda* (Florida)
Phillips, Lula Mae (Cornell)
Cottrell, Erika (OHSU)
Piechowski, Patricia (U Michigan)
Coyne-Beasley, Tamera (UNC)
Pollack, Harold (Chicago)
Curnen, Marybeth (UMMS)
Poultney, Madrid (Mount Sinai)
Cykert, Sam (UNC)
Proser, Michelle (CNMC)
Daudelin, Denise (Tufts)
Purucker, Mary (NCATS)
Dave, Gaurav (UNC)
Rathmann, Charles (Washington U)
Davis, Richard (UNC)
Rathnasingham, Ruben (UCSF)
de Castro, Romulo (UCLA)
Rathore, Mobeen* (Florida)
De Loney, E. (U Michigan)
Redeker, Nancy (Yale)
De Pourcq, Frederic (Yale)
Reininger, Belinda* (U Texas at Houston)
DeHaven, Mark (U Texas Southwestern at Dallas)
Rey, Mariano* (NYU)
Dennison, Cheryl (Johns Hopkins)
Reynolds, Brady (Kentucky)
Deutsch, Charles (Harvard)
Reynolds, Brady (Ohio State)
Dignan, Mark* (Kentucky)
Rhyne, Robert* (UNMHSC)
Dittus, Robert* (Vanderbilt)
Richardson, Lynne (Mount Sinai)
Dohan, Daniel (UCSF)
Richmond, Al (UNC)
Dozier, Ann (Rochester)
Rideout, Catlin (NYU)
Drew, Elaine (MCWisc)
Riggs, Sheila* (UMN)
Drezner, Marc (UW-Madison)
Rivera-Todaro, Lea (Mount Sinai)
Druyan, Brian (Cornell)
Roman-Isler, Malika (UNC)
Dutton, Mary Ann (Georgetown)
Rosenbaum, Sara (CNMC)
Dwyer-White, Molly (U Michigan)
Rosenthal, Gary (Iowa)
Eder, Milton (Mickey) (Chicago)
Ross, Lainie (Chicago)
Einhorn, Paula (NHLBI)
Rothman, Russell (Vanderbilt)
Elbel, Brian (NYU)
Roybal, Carla (UNMHSC)
Elder, Nancy (Cincinnati)
Saag, Kenneth (Birmingham)
Elwood, William (OD)
Sachs, Jody (NCATS)
Emmons, Karen* (Harvard)
Sadler, Lois (Yale)
Esmond, Sarah (UW-Madison)
Sampselle, Carolyn* (U Michigan)
Etz, Rebecca (VCU)
Sampson, Dana (OD)
Evans, Crystal (Johns Hopkins)
Savaiano, Dennis (Indiana)
Fair, Alecia (Vanderbilt)
Sawczuk, Andrea (NCATS)
Farias, Rene (MCWisc)
Sayre, Michael (NCMHD)
Fein, Oliver (Cornell)
Schiffman, Rachel (MCWisc)
Ferrans, Carol* (Illinois)
Schmidt, Laura (UCSF)
Ferrer, Robert* (U Texas at San Antonio)
Schoenberg, Nancy (Kentucky)
Filart, Rosemarie (NCATS)
Schrader, Lisa (Mayo)
Fishman, Paul (UWashington)
Schulz, Karen (U Texas at San Antonio)
Fleisher, Paula (UCSF)
Sehgal, Ashwini* (Case Western)
Flick, Louise (Washington U)
Seiler, Naomi (CNMC)
Franco, Zeno (MCWisc)
Selby, Joe (UCSF)
French, Jane (Indiana)
Selker, Harry (Tufts)
Frey, John* (UW-Madison)
Shah, Vallahh 'Raj' (UNMHSC)
Gaich, Nick (Stanford)
Shanahan, Christopher (Boston U)
Gannon, Courtney (Indiana)
Shaw, Jennifer (U Texas at San Antonio)
Garbutt, Jane (Washington U)
Shelley, Donna (NYU)
Gehlert, Sarah* (Washington U)
Shenkman, Elizabeth (Florida)
Gil, Rosa (NYU)
Sherman, Scott (NYU)
Glanz, Karen (UPenn)
Siantz, Mary Lou (UC Davis)
Godley, Paul (UNC)
Simoes, Eduardo (CDC)
Gonzales, Melissa (UNMHSC)
Simpson, Rosemary (UNC)
Gosse, Jacquelyn (Mayo)
Simpson, Lisa (CNMC)
Gourevitch, Marc (NYU)
Skinner, Celette* (U Texas Southwestern at Dallas)
Green, Larry (Denver)
Sleath, Betsy (UNC)
Greenier, Jennifer (UC Davis)
Smith, Maureen (UW-Madison)
Greenlee, Robert (UW-Madison)
Smith, Laureen (Ohio State)
Greiner, Allen* (Kansas)
Smith-Beckley, Michelle (MCWisc)
Grey, Margaret* (Yale)
Solomon, Stephanie (Washington U)
Grumbach, Kevin* (UCSF)
Sonke, Jill (Florida)
Grunbaum, Jo Anne (CDC)
Stanford, Jevetta (Florida)
Gubrij, Zuzana (Arkansas)
Stange, Kurt (Case Western)
Hacker, Karen (Harvard)
Staten, Lisa (Indiana)
Haley, Amber (VCU)
Stevens, Kathleen (U Texas at San Antonio)
Hardwick, Emily (Indiana)
Stewart, Katharine (Arkansas)
Hardy, W. David (UCLA)
Stewart, Mary (Arkansas)
Hatcher, Michael (CDC)
Strelnick, Hal* (Einstein)
Hayman, Laura (UMMS)
Sufian, Meryl (NCATS)
Heller, Caren (Cornell)
Sullivan, Greer (Arkansas)
Henderson, Justin (Northwestern)
Szczech, Lynda (Duke)
Henry Akintobi, Tabia (Emory)
Tai, Betty* (NIDA)
Herman, Tim (MCWisc)
Tamez, Montelle (Denver)
Heurtin-Roberts, Suzanne (NCI)
Tandon, Darius* (Johns Hopkins)
Horn, Ivor (CNMC)
Taras, Howard* (UC San Diego)
Horner, Ronnie (Cincinnati)
Targonski, Paul (Mayo)
Horowitz, Carol* (Mount Sinai)
Tendulkar, Shalini (Harvard)
Horton, Katie (CNMC)
Teran, Lorena (UC Irvine)
Hurd, Thelma (U Texas at San Antonio)
Thompson, Winifred (Emory)
Jenkins, Rebecca (PSU)
Tinkle, Mindy (UNMHSC)
Johnson, Daniel (Chicago)
Tobias, Donald (Don)* (Cornell)
Jones, Corey (Vanderbilt)
Tolentino, Jerlyn (UCLA)
Joosten, Yvonne (Vanderbilt)
Treise, Debbie (Florida)
Jorgensen, Lyric (OD)
Trinh, Chau (NYU)
Kahn, James (UCSF)
Uribe-Bruce, Liliana (Scripps)
Kanna, Balavenkatesh (NYU)
Van Devanter, Nancy (NYU)
Kaufman, Arthur (UNMHSC)
Vandergraff, Donna (Indiana)
Kauper-Brown, Jen (Northwestern)
Von Jaeger, Rodney (UC San Diego)
Kegler, Michelle (Emory)
Vyas, Amita (CNMC)
Kelleher, Kelly* (Ohio State)
Wallerstein, Nina (UNMHSC)
Kelly, Patricia (Kansas)
Warner, David* (Mayo)
Keyser, Kent (Birmingham)
Weaver, Sarah (Duke)
Kiger, Holly (USC)
Weinberger, Morris (UNC)
Kimminau, Kim (Kansas)
Weir, Charlene (Utah)
King, Keyonna (UCLA)
Weisman, Carol* (PSU)
Kipke, Michele* (USC)
Wellever, Tony (Kansas)
Kissack, Anne (MCWisc)
Werner, James (Case Western)
Kissela, Brett (Cincinnati)
Westfall, Jack* (Denver)
Kleinman, Lawrence (Mount Sinai)
Wewers, Mary Ellen (Ohio State)
Kobetz, Erin (Miami)
White, Carol (Kentucky)
Koenig, Barbara (UCSF)
White-Cooper, Sharrice (CDC)
Korngiebel, Diane (UWashington)
Wilkins, Consuelo (Vanderbilt)
Kost, Rhonda* (Rockefeller)
Williams, Robert (UNMHSC)
Kovner, Christine (NYU)
Williams, Carla* (Georgetown)
Krause, Katrina (Duke)
Williams, Pamela (South Carolina)
Krist, Alex (VCU)
Williams, Neely (Vanderbilt)
Kubicek, Katrina (USC)
Winkleby, Marilyn* (Stanford)
Lakes, Kimberley* (UC Irvine)
Winkler, Paula (U Texas at San Antonio)
Lantigua, Rafael (Columbia)
Witten, Alicia (MCWisc)
Lantz, Paula* (CNMC)
Wolf, Sharon (South Carolina)
Larson, Eric (UWashington)
Wolf, Frederic (Fred) (UWashington)
LeBailly, Susan (Northwestern)
Woolf, Steven* (VCU)
Lee, Brittney (UCLA)
Wright, Jackson (Case Western)
Leff, Michelle (NIDA)
Xie, Heng (NCATS)
Leinberger-Jabari, Andrea (UMN)
Yonas, Michael* (Pittsburgh)
Lemke, Amy (MCWisc)
Ziegahn, Linda (UC Davis)
Lemon, Stephenie (UMMS)
Zimmerman, Marc (U Michigan)
Leo, Morales (UWashington)
* = Voting Member
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