Research Networking

Research Networking: These recommendations were approved by the CTSA Consortium Executive and Steering Committee on October 25, 2011.

  1. Recommendation: All CTSAs should encourage their institution(s) to implement research networking tool(s) institution-wide that utilize RDF triples and an ontology compatible with the VIVO ontology.
  2. Recommendation: Information in people profiles at institutions should be publicly available as data as a general principle, specifically as Linked Open Data.  To ensure quality of information, authoritative electronic data sources versus manual entry should be emphasized.  Institutions will vary in the amount of information that they will include and make publicly available but the value is enhanced by the quality and quantity of information.
  3. Recommendation: Monitoring of the research networking landscape, technology, and tools should continue to be overseen by experts from the CTSA consortium (e.g., the Research Networking group of the Informatics KFC).


David Eichmann - Project Lead, CTSA Informatics Research Networking Affinity Group
Layne Johnson (University of Minnesota Twin Cities) - Project Lead, CTSA Informatics Research Networking Affinity Group
Jacqueline Kirby - Project Manager, CTSA Informatics 

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