New York and Connecticut Consortium - NYCON Consortium

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The New York and Connecticut Consortium encourages joint ventures among the New York and Connecticut area CTSA institutions (NYCON) to develop collaboration between CTSA programs in the areas of medical scientist training; the creation of regional databases of facilities; regional training opportunities for investigators and research coordinators; the exploration of barriers to improved social networking and the sharing of resources and expertise, among others. The NYCON agenda was set at the first regional retreat hosted by Columbia University in November 2008 where breakout sessions identified these and other potential areas for consideration for future formal consortium recommendations. The New York and Connecticut Consortium includes six New York and Connecticut CTSA institutions. With the July 2009 announcement of the newest round of CTSAs, members welcomed Mount Sinai and New York University schools of medicine into the NYCON northeast consortium.


  • Albert Einstein College of Medicine*
  • Columbia University*
  • Rockefeller University*
  • University of Rochester*
  • Weill Cornell Medical College*
  • Yale University*
  • Mount Sinai School of Medicine*
  • New York University School of Medicine*
* CTSA Institution