The New England Research Subject Advocacy Group

The goals of the New England Research Subject Advocacy (NE RSA) group include: 1) Discussion of issues around Research Subject Advocacy 2) Networking and trust-building between institutions 3) Engagement in inter-institutional and cross-disciplinary opportunities for collaborative action, innovation, community outreach, and research related to RSA efforts 4) Increased clinical research awareness and enhancement of clinical research capacity and sustainability in New England through established partnerships and networks of community members, leaders, and organizations 5) Collaborative development of educational materials for diverse, underrepresented populations otherwise underexposed to clear, high quality information about clinical research. The institutions of the NE RSA Group meet formally on a bi-monthly basis and informally by email and phone to explore common issues, interests and concerns related to research participants, and research subject advocacy.


  • Boston University Clinical and Translational Science Institute*
  • Harvard Catalyst | The Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center*
  • Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute*
  • University of Massachusetts Center for Clinical and Translational Science*
  • Dartmouth Synergy
  • Yale Center for Clinical Investigation
* CTSA Institution