Comprised of about 61 academic health centers, the national CTSA Consortium requires a multi-faceted organizational approach with oversight from several different committees. These committees help to identify and address barriers and strive to implement best practices across a variety of different areas that impact translational research.

  • Consortium Steering Committee (CCSC): Provides leadership and management of the Consortium, including setting strategic direction and providing management oversight. Key objectives of this Committee are to determine strategic priorities and goals, approve new projects, ensure adequate progress, and develop and share policies and procedures across the Consortium.
  • Consortium Executive Committee (CCEC): This is the core governing and decision-making body of the CTSA consortium. The purpose of the CCEC is to enhance the efficiency of interactions between CTSA PIs, NIH/NCATS and other committees.  The CCEC takes the lead on timely action of emergent CCSC issues and reports to the CCSC. Executive functions delegated to the CCEC by the CCSC provide this group with the authority to act upon recommendations from SGs or Key Function committees (KFC) and to ensure that relevant aspects of the Strategic Goals are implemented by either a KFC or by a multi-disciplinary group (described further below).
  • CTSA Consortium Child Health Oversight Committee (CC-CHOC): Provides a unique national forum for CTSA investigators and NIH scientists to identify collaborative opportunities to facilitate child health clinical and translational research through the CTSA program. This oversight committee will identify barriers, set priorities for developing collaborative solutions and standard approaches to address the challenges in child health research, and recommend strategies that can be implemented across the CTSA program to the CTSA Steering Committee.

Note:  The Governance document is currently being substantially revised. The revised document will be posted when it is completed.


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