Strategic Goal Committee 5 - T1 Translational Research

The T1 Translational Research Strategic Goal Committee aims to accelerate T1 translational science through the improvement and development of resources for moving discoveries (markers, agents or devices) across translational barriers through "first time in humans."

Upcoming Meetings     All Times In Eastern Time

SG5 - T1 Translational Research
November 19, 2012: 3:00pm - 4:00pm

SG5 - T1 Translational Research
December 17, 2012: 3:00pm - 4:00pm

Goals and Objectives

The goals of the Strategic Goal Committee are:

  • Development of education and training requirements for T1 investigators through a focus on the following questions:
    • What defines this cohort of researchers?
    • What are the core content requirements for this particular segment of the clinical and traslantional scientific community?
    • What training requirements in this community are unrelated to formal training, relating instead to specific tasks or technologies?
  • Encourage collaborative demonstration projects that will to develop infrastructure for proof-of-concept studies in humans across different CTSA sites. Through the coalescing of smaller groups of experts around disease-oriented studies, this goal will test and grow the ability of the CTSA Consortium to lead to more rapid movement from proposal to results.
  • Develop efficient, effective and consistent models of technology transfer through the integration of input from the Translational and Public Private Partnerships Key Function Committees.


Mary L. Disis (UWashington)
Don McClain (Utah)

Project Manager(s)

NIH Coordinator(s)

Meeting Frequency

The Strategic Goal 5 meets the 3rd Monday of every month, 3-4 p.m. EDT, via web conference.

Center, David (Boston U)
Orwoll, Eric (OHSU)
Coller, Barry (Rockefeller)
Portilla, Lili (NCATS)
Collier, Elaine (NCATS)
Propert, Kathleen (UPenn)
Disis, Mary (UWashington)
Pulley, Jill (Vanderbilt)
Farkas, Rebecca (NINDS)
Sachs, Jody (NCATS)
Ginsberg, Henry (Columbia)
Schieri, Lorri (UPenn)
Gitlin, Irina (UCSF)
Sokol, Ronald (Denver)
Greenberg, Harry (Stanford)
Topol, Eric (Scripps)
Guay-Woodford, Lisa (CNMC)
Webb, Chris (Stanford)
Lee, June (UCSF)
Xie, Heng (NCATS)
McClain, Don (Utah)
Yin, Helen (U Texas Southwestern at Dallas)
Moen, Rebbecca (Duke)

Meeting Documents

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