Strategic Goal Committee 2 - Training and Career Development of Clinical/Translational Scientists

The purpose of the committee is to develop a national coordinated approach to recruit, educate, train and promote the development of clinical and translational investigators conducting research to improve human health.

Core competencies for Clinical and Translational Research



There are no committee announcements at this time.

Goals and Objectives

  • To provide open access to training resources across the CTSA Consortium. Core competencies and curricula will be mapped and posted to a portal that will also allow educational material created by CTSAs and their CDC, NIH Clinical Center and other partners to be downloaded.
  • Establish a core curriculum that will address the needs of clinical and translational investigation that is aligned with core competencies developed for clinical and translational scientists.
  • Implement a mentor training program across the consortium sharing best practices.
  • Ensure that institutions recognize clinical and translational investigation is a valuable enterprise with unique metrics & criteria for success and promotion


Robert Toto (University of Texas, Southwestern)

Elizabeth Ofili (Emory)

Project Manager(s)

NIH Coordinator(s)

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Education and Career Development Core Competencies

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Coller, Barry (Rockefeller)
Ofili, Elizabeth (Emory)
Davis, Pamela (Case Western)
Ognibene, Fred (NCC)
Gabriel, Sherine (Mayo)
Rizza, Robert (Mayo)
Gabrilove, Janice (Mount Sinai)
Sachs, Jody (NCATS)
Gallin, John (OD)
Schieri, Lorri (UPenn)
Imperato-McGinley, Julianne (Cornell)
Sherwin, Robert (Yale)
Jackson, Rebecca (Ohio State)
Sufian, Meryl (NCATS)
Lichtenstein, Michael (U Texas at San Antonio)
Toto, Robert (U Texas Southwestern at Dallas)
Merchant, Carol (NCATS)
Tsevat, Joel (Cincinnati)
Moen, Rebbecca (Duke)
Weavers, Karen (Mayo)
Morris, Cynthia (OHSU)
Xie, Heng (NCATS)
O'Quinn, DeAnna (Iowa)

Meeting Documents

Jun 26, 2020Feb 22, 2021Dec 16, 2020
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