Comparative Effectiveness Research Key Function Committee

Mission Statement:

The Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) Key Function Committee builds the field of comparative effectiveness research (CER) and patient-centered outcomes research by creating a learning community across CTSA institutions, spurring the development of methods, expanding training and education, promoting community and public engagement, applying CER findings and sharing successess and lessons learned.

Vision Statement:

Through collaborative work products, the Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) Key Function Committee facilitates the generation and synthesis of evidence about alternative interventions that results in actionable findings for policymakers, clinicians, patients, and purchasers to use in improving the quality and outcomes of patient-centered health care.

Committee Announcements

2012 Strategic Goal 4 In-Person Meeting

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN.  The CER KFC Annual 2012 Meeting will be integrated into the CTSA SGC4 Annual In-person two day Meeting (November 19-20, 2012).  For the first time, the CTSA CER KFC Annual Meeting will be integrated with the Community Engagement Annual Meeting in the upcoming CTSA SGC4 combined Annual In-person Meeting.  For Day 1 (Nov. 19th): Pragmatic/Practical Clinical Trials Infrastructure (PCTi) Workshop. For Day 2 (Nov. 20th): Strategic Planning for the SGC4’s and KFCs’ WGs/TFs for the current and upcoming year. If you are a CER KFC member, please plan to attend Day 2 and if you are interested in PCTi, Day 1 workshop. The meeting will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Bethesda, MD.  For those who cannot attend in person, there will be an option for web participation. 

Please register at 2012 CTSA Strategic Goal Committee 4 Face to Face Meeting Registration  for the upcoming SGC4 Annual In-Person meeting.  Please note the last day to make hotel reservations under the SGC 4 group rate is Wednesday, October 24th.

An 2012 CTSA Strategic Goal Committee 4 Face to Face Meeting Information page  has been created for updates to meeting details.

Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) Video Project

The CER Video project is an effort by the Comparative Effectiveness Research Key Function Committee (CER KFC) to spotlight and address important questions within the field using brief and informative videos.  Current video topics that are being developed include:  What is comparative effectiveness research, Who are stakeholders in comparative effectiveness research/stakeholder engagement, What are patient-relevant and patient-reported outcomes, What is the best way to disseminate and implement comparative effectiveness research results, and how to prioritize research.

Dr. Jodi Segal, MD, MPH, from Johns Hopkins University has developed a short informative video that defines comparative effectiveness research (CER), describes the history of CER, and explains the connection between CER and patient centered outcomes research.

Dr. Tim Carey, MD, MPH, from the University of North Carolina, at Chapel Hill has created a brief video as part of UNC’s supported educational video project.  This video describes the identification and prioritization of gaps in clinical research.  

Upcoming Meetings     All Times In Eastern Time

(Cancelled) Comparative Effectiveness Research Key Function Committee
November 19, 2012: 11:00am - 12:00pm

Comparative Effectiveness Research Key Function Committee
December 17, 2012: 11:00am - 12:00pm


Oct 17, 2020

Goals and Objectives

  • Develop a CTSA Consortium-wide strategy for community-engaged and comparative effectiveness research that leads to improvements in the access and quality, of healthcare delivery and the health of diverse communities and the public.
  • Collaborate and create synergies with a wide range of stakeholders (i.e., communities, health departments, CTSA and other academic medical centers, NIH Institutes and Centers and other DHHS Federal Partners) in planning and implementing community-engaged and comparative effectiveness research and in disseminating the research findings.
  • Facilitate collaborations across CTSA institutions, PBRNs, and a broad cross-section of practice settings that increase the nation’s capacity for innovative community-engaged and comparative effectiveness research leading to the development of novel methodologies for both conducting research and for implementing and disseminating the findings of that research.


Thomas Concannon (Tufts)
Timothy Carey (UNC)

Project Manager(s)

NIH Coordinator(s)

PI Liaison(s)
Harry P. Selker (Tufts)


Comparative Effectiveness Research - Capacity and Needs Assessment
Comparative Effectiveness Research - Dissemination and Implementation Research
Comparative Effectiveness Research - Informatics Taskforce
Comparative Effectiveness Research - Methods Workgroup
Comparative Effectiveness Research - Operations Group

Meeting Frequency

The Comparative Effectiveness Research Key Function Committee meets the 3rd Monday of every month 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. ET via web conference.


Agravat, Sanjay (Emory)
Lyles, Robert* (Emory)
Ahalt, Stanley (UNC)
Mariotto, Angela (NCI)
Allison, Jeroan* (UMMS)
Martin, Bradley* (Arkansas)
Anderson, Heather (Denver)
Mauldin, Patrick* (South Carolina)
Arab, Lenore (UCLA)
Mayberry, Robert (Emory)
Ariza, Adolfo (Northwestern)
Mays, Glen* (Kentucky)
Bahroos, Neil (Illinois)
McCall, Lindsay (UNC)
Baker, David (Northwestern)
McClain, Don (Utah)
Barohn, Richard (Kansas)
McCloskey, Donna Jo (NINR)
Beck, Cornelia (Arkansas)
McGuire, Patty (Indiana)
Benjamin, Shelley (AHRQ)
McMahon, James (Rochester)
Berner, Eta (Birmingham)
Meissner, Paul* (Einstein)
Binns, Helen (Northwestern)
Melnikow, Joy* (UC Davis)
Borawski, Elaine (Case Western)
Meltzer, David* (Chicago)
Braithwaite, Ronald* (NYU)
Metlay, Joshua* (UPenn)
Brigham, Kenneth (Emory)
Mitchell, Joyce (Utah)
Brixner, Diana (Utah)
Mitchell, Pamela (UWashington)
Brooks, John (Iowa)
Mohr, Penny (Center for Medical Technology Policy)
Brown, Hendricks* (Miami)
Moloney, Rachael (Center for Medical Technology Policy)
Brown, Martin* (NCI)
Montori, Victor (Mayo)
Burge, Mark (UNMHSC)
Moore, Shirley (Case Western)
Cabral, Howard* (Boston U)
Morrato, Elaine (Denver)
Campbell, Jon (Denver)
Morton, Sally (Pittsburgh)
Carey, Timothy* (UNC)
Moseley, Pope* (UNMHSC)
Chambers, David (NIMH)
Murray, Michael* (Indiana)
Chrischilles, Elizabeth* (Iowa)
Mushlin, Alvin* (Cornell)
Cohen, David (Kansas)
Narus, Scott (Utah)
Collier, Elaine (NCATS)
Neumann, Peter (Tufts)
Concannon, Thomas (Tufts)
Nietert, Paul (South Carolina)
Cooper, Greg* (Case Western)
Nowinski, Cindy (Northwestern)
Cuttler, Leona (Case Western)
Noyes, Katia* (Rochester)
Danis, Marion (NCC)
Obrams, Iris (NCATS)
Davis, Robert (Emory)
Outman, Ryan (Birmingham)
del Junco, Deborah* (U Texas at Houston)
Pauker, Stephen (Tufts)
Depp, Colin* (UC San Diego)
Payne, Philip (Ohio State)
Devine, Beth (UWashington)
Pearson, Steven* (NCC)
Dittus, Robert* (Vanderbilt)
Peduzzi, Peter (Yale)
Dolor, Rowena (Duke)
Petrie, Ginny (Case Western)
Dor, Avi* (CNMC)
Philis-Tsimikas, Athena* (Scripps)
Druss, Benjamin (Emory)
Pincus, Harold* (Columbia)
Duncan, Paul* (Florida)
Politi, Mary* (Washington U)
Eckman, Mark (Cincinnati)
Pollock, Brad (U Texas at San Antonio)
Eder, Milton (Mickey) (Chicago)
Post, Andrew (Emory)
Embi, Peter (Ohio State)
Purucker, Mary (NCATS)
Emmons, Karen (Harvard)
Ranwala, Dayan (South Carolina)
Fang, Hua (Julia) (UMMS)
Rask, Kimberly (Emory)
Faria, Robin (UCLA)
Redeker, Nancy (Yale)
Felix, Kaytura (HRSA)
Riggs, Sheila (UMN)
Filart, Rosemarie (NCATS)
Roberts, Mark* (Pittsburgh)
Flowers, Chris (Emory)
Rohweder, Catherine (UNC)
Flume, Patrick (South Carolina)
Rosenthal, Gary (Iowa)
Ford, Daniel (Johns Hopkins)
Rothman, Russell (Vanderbilt)
Franco, Zeno (MCWisc)
Rubio, Doris (Pittsburgh)
Freeman, Jean (U Texas Medical Branch at Galveston)
Rudzinski, Karen (AHRQ)
Gaich, Nick (Stanford)
Saag, Kenneth* (Birmingham)
Gater, David (VCU)
Sachs, Jody (NCATS)
Glasgow, Russ (NCI)
Saltz, Joel (Emory)
Gonzales, Ralph* (UCSF)
Sanders, Gillian* (Duke)
Goodman, Steven (Stanford)
Sanns, William (U Texas at San Antonio)
Goodwin, James* (U Texas Medical Branch at Galveston)
Savage, Peter* (NIDDK)
Gouripeddi, Ram (Utah)
Savitz, Lucy* (Utah)
Greenberg, Caprice (UW-Madison)
Schilling, Lisa (Denver)
Greenfield, Sheldon* (UC Irvine)
Schmid, Christopher (Tufts)
Greenlee, Robert (UW-Madison)
Schneeweiss, Sebastian (Harvard)
Gross, Cary* (Yale)
Schumock, Glen* (Illinois)
Guise, Jeanne-Marie (OHSU)
Schwartz, J (UPenn)
Gurwitz, Jerry (UMMS)
Segal, Jodi* (Johns Hopkins)
Hahn, Elizabeth (Northwestern)
Selker, Harry* (Tufts)
Hajizadeh, Negin (NYU)
Shah, Nilay* (Mayo)
Halm, Ethan* (U Texas Southwestern at Dallas)
Shannon, William (Washington U)
Harding, Brenda (AHRQ)
Shapiro, Martin* (UCLA)
Harrell, Frank (Vanderbilt)
Sheffield, Kristin (U Texas Medical Branch at Galveston)
Hayward, Anthony (NCATS)
Sim, Ida (UCSF)
Helfand, Mark* (OHSU)
Singh Weik, Tasmeen (HRSA)
Heller, Caren (Cornell)
Slutsky, Jean* (AHRQ)
Henderson, Justin (Northwestern)
Smith, Scott (AHRQ)
Herndon, Jill (Florida)
Smith, Maureen* (UW-Madison)
Hersh, Bill (OHSU)
Spertus, John* (Kansas)
Hickner, John (Case Western)
Stack, David (MCWisc)
Hlatky, Mark* (Stanford)
Stange, Kurt (Case Western)
Holve, Erin (AcademyHealth)
Strohl, Kingman (Case Western)
Hougham, Gavin (Chicago)
Strom, Brian (UPenn)
Hsu, Daphne (Einstein)
Talbert, Jeffery (Kentucky)
Inkelas, Molra (UCLA)
Thompson, Gale (UNC)
James, Deborah (U Texas Medical Branch at Galveston)
Tilford, Mick (Arkansas)
Johnson, Laura (NCCAM)
Titler, Marita* (U Michigan)
Jonas, Daniel (UNC)
Tobin, Jonathan* (Rockefeller)
Jorgensen, Lyric (OD)
Torner, James (Iowa)
Kahn, Michael (Denver)
Trivedi, Madhukar (U Texas Southwestern at Dallas)
Kaplan, Sherrie (UC Irvine)
Trontell, Anne (AHRQ)
Kapoor, Wishwa (Pittsburgh)
Tsevat, Joel* (Cincinnati)
Keskinocak, Pinar (Emory)
Tunis, Sean (Center for Medical Technology Policy)
Kessler, Larry* (UWashington)
Turner, Barbara* (U Texas at San Antonio)
Kimmel, Stephen (UPenn)
Varadhan, Ravi (Johns Hopkins)
Kipke, Michele* (USC)
Vinson, Cynthia (NCI)
Kitzman, Harriet (Rochester)
Weik, Tasmeen (HRSA)
Krishnan, Jerry (Illinois)
Weinberger, Morris (UNC)
Kroenke, Kurt (Indiana)
Weiner, Brian (UNC)
Kymes, Steven (Washington U)
Weisel, Laura* (Harvard)
LaFleur, Joanne (Utah)
Weissman, Neil* (Georgetown)
Lamm, Brent (UNC)
Wells, Barbara* (NHLBI)
Landsittel, Douglas (Pittsburgh)
West, David* (Denver)
LeBailly, Susan* (Northwestern)
Wickizer, Thomas* (Ohio State)
Lehmann, Harold (Johns Hopkins)
Wong, Sandra (U Michigan)
Lipscomb, Joseph (Emory)
Yu, Chang (Vanderbilt)
* = Voting Member
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