Catalog of Assets for Translational and
Clinical Health Research

CATCHR is a resource (asset) identification tool that allows you to both browse and pinpoint diverse programs, infrastructure and services across the full clinical and translational science spectrum and across the entire CTSA Consortium. Use this page to view aggregate information on assets within the consortium, including questions used to collect data from sites. Select an asset from the menu below to view sites where that asset exists and to view questions and resulting aggregate data.

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Clinical Research Units
Pilot Funding Programs
Electronic Health Records and Clinical Data Reuse
National and Regional Network Memberships
Clinical Trial Coordinating Centers
High-Throughput Screening
High End Instrumentation
Non-NIH Lab Partnerships
Medicinal Chemistry Facilities
Unique Clinical Study Populations
Drug Discovery Centers
Nanotechnology Centers/Programs
cGMP Facilities
Expert Consults
Community Engaged Research Infrastructures
Instances of REDCap Adoption
IND/IDE Support Programs
Imaging Technology Facilities
Commercialization Facilitation Programs
Instances of ResearchMatch Adoption
Translational Genomics/Proteomics Facilities
Researcher Networking Implementations
Nonclinical Study (GLP) Facilities

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Points on the map below represent CTSA sites where this particular catalogued asset is present.

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Select one of the questions below used to collect data for this asset.



Many Consortium members have generously provided expert feedback and guidance on the asset definitions and variables, which adds immense value to the resource. Additionally, many surveys used to collect data were developed by Strategic Goal Committees, Key Function Committees, and committee workgroups. In these instances, data collection and sharing is performed as a collaborative effort.

Support for this work is provided by UL54TR000123, an award from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The information and views included are those of the author(s) and do not reflect official policy of the NIH or the United States Government.