Informatics Domain Task Force

Modern informatics methodologies and techniques support clinical and translational research, community engagement, and enhance training. This Domain Task Force focuses on:
  • Creating a data ecosystem that accelerates and disseminates discovery and enables creation of new knowledge thru meaningful integration of diverse data including but not limited to EHR, genetic, imaging, clinical, economic, environmental, behavioral, and patient – reported data.
  • Enhancing training in the development and use of informatics methods and tools.
  • Supporting research networking that enables access to clinical and translational research expertise.
  • Ensuring interoperability of digital assets to enhance collaboration in the research environment through implementation of robust data and metadata standards, adapting adequate semantic approaches and development of policies and practices for data and software access and sharing.
  • Facilitating the innovative use of informatics technology in personalized medicine, education, patient recruitment, community engagement and dissemination of health information and practices as well as integration, analysis and visualization of research data.
  • Supporting the CTSA consortium-wide initiatives in enabling multi-site clinical trials.


Name (CTSA Hub / Institution)
Paul Harris (Vanderbilt) Co-Lead
Robert Clark (UTHSC San Antonio) Co-Lead (Steering Committee Appointee)
Philip Payne (Ohio State) Lead Team
Justin Starren (Northwestern) Lead Team
Peter Tarczy-Hornoch (Washington) Lead Team
Olga Brazhnik (NCATS) NCATS/DCI Representative


Last Name
First Name
Adams William Boston University
Aliferis Constantin University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Anderson Nick University of California, Davis
Becich Michael University of Pittsburgh
Bell Douglas (Doug) University of California, Los Angeles
Berman Douglas University of California, San Francisco
Bernstam Elmer University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Brochhausen Mathias University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Chute Chris Johns Hopkins University
Cimino James University of Alabama
Collier Elaine NCATS
Dahm Lisa University of California, Irvine
Das Amar Dartmouth College
Dexter Paul Indiana University School of Medicine
Dye Tim University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry
Facelli Julio C. The University of Utah
Fenstermacher David Virginia Commonwealth University
Halaas Michael Stanford University
Hanauer David University of Michigan
Hogan Bill University of Florida
Hynes Denise University of Illinois at Chicago
Johnson Stephen Weill Cornell Medical College
Kahn Michael University of Colorado Denver
Kovatch Patricia Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Krieger Mitchel Case Western Reserve University
Krishnamurthy Ashok The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Landis Dick University of Pennsylvania
Lenert Les Medical University of South Carolina
Liang Yupu The Rockefeller University
Liu Hongfang Mayo Clinic
Luxon Bruce University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston
Madhavan Subha Georgetown University with Howard University
Mandl Kenneth Harvard University
McIntosh Leslie Washington University
Meeker Daniella University of Southern California
Miller Perry Yale University
Mirhaji Parsa Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Morizono Hiroki Children's National Medical Center
Nadkarni Prakash University of Iowa
Ohno-Machado Lucila University of California, San Diego
Pariser Anne FDA/CDER
Post Andrew Emory University
Ranganathan Dipti University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
Rocca Mitra FDA/CDER
Sanderson Iain Duke University
Sanns William The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Schuff Rob Oregon Health and Science University
Sinoway Lawrence Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
Tachinardi Umberto University of Wisconsin - Madison
Talbert Jeffery University of Kentucky Research Foundations
Taylor Bradley Medical College of Wisconsin
Torkamani Ali Scripps Research Institute
Tsinoremas Nick University of Miami
Unruh Mark University of New Mexico
Volchenboum Samuel University of Chicago
Waitman Russ University of Kansas Medical Center
Weng Chunhua Columbia University
White Peter University of Cincinnati
Wilson Brian Tufts University
Wolf Greg University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester


1.Sustainable Informatics Infrastructure Leads:Paul Harris (Vanderbilt), Peter White (Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center), Bill Hogan (Florida), Tim Dye (Rochester), Umberto Tachinardi (Wisconsin) Additional Information Coming Soon   2. Cross-Domain Task Force Additional Information Coming Soon   3. Precision Medicine Initiative Additional Information Coming Soon

Meeting Schedule:

1st Friday of every month, 1 - 2pm ET